Vital Space

Vital Space is built on the belief in the power of art to change the world.
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City Particles from Danae Stratou on Vimeo.

A 6 Channel Video installation by Danae Stratou in collaboration with Vasilis Kountouris - Studio 19st, (2011).

Presented at the Eleventh Plateau exhibition. Curator Sozita Goudouna.
Venue: Association of Greek Archaeologists. Oct. 21st - Dec. 11th, Athens, Greece (2011)

Organized by: Out of the Box Intermedia.

Iris’s Colors As the sun rises over the sea, an exhausted film crew roll the camera and a tall, slim model begins to move toward it, wearing a black evening dress and a long, black, fury scarf with which she is seductively occupying her hands. The perfume advertisement in progress is …

Danae Stratou and Yanis Varoufakis on walls and divisions and the artistic practice. With video excerpts from the art projects: The Globalising Wall, Cut - 7 dividing lines, The River of Life and See Through by Danae Stratou.

Waterwheel - Danae Stratou from Vital Space Projects on Vimeo.

Danae Stratou, initiator and co-founder of Vital Space on the importance of water and raising awareness in the Waterwheel symposium, March, 2014.