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Danae Stratou and Yanis Varoufakis on walls and divisions and the artistic practice. With video excerpts from the art projects: The Globalising Wall, Cut - 7 dividing lines, The River of Life and See Through by Danae Stratou.

Waterwheel - Danae Stratou from Vital Space Projects on Vimeo.

Danae Stratou, initiator and co-founder of Vital Space on the importance of water and raising awareness in the Waterwheel symposium, March, 2014.

The Globalising Wall_Focusing on the US - Mexico Border, 2014_NEW from Danae Stratou on Vimeo.

A documentation video of a site-specific Photographic presentation of the THE GLOBALISING WALL
Focusing on the US | Mexico border by Danae Stratou.

As part of the LBJ School of Public Affairs’ Conference NAFTA+20 — An Assessment of Intended and Unintended Effects, visual artist Danae Stratou presents a special edition of her project The Globalising Wall.

The work takes the form of a photographic installation at the Auditorium’s entrance area focusing on the US—Mexican border and featuring a sequence of about 60 photographs of the Border Fence/Wall (taken in the summer of 2006 by the artist during a road trip along and across the US and Mexican border, from Tijuana to El Paso and back). The images form a photographic strip that is wrapped around the circumference of the walls surrounding the Auditorium’s entry/exit area. Thus, as they enter and exit the Auditorium, conference participants will be ‘surrounded’ by the Border Fence/Wall’s unfolding presence.

In addition to the photographic installation, a special edition of The Globalising Wall’s original video will be screened during the conference, (8’50” duration). This version comes with a new original score composed by composer Ada Pitsou.

Short description of the Project:

The Globalising Wall is a Video Installation by Danae Stratou, based on a text by Yanis Varoufakis, (2012). It has been exhibited in The Adelaide International 2012: Restless, Australia (2012) and then in Auckland at The Mangere Arts Centre - Nga Tohu o Uenuku, New Zeland (2012- 2013).


Walls have a longstanding relation both with liberty from fear and subjugation to another’s will. After 1945, walls acquired an unprecedented determination to divide. They spread like a bushfire from Berlin to Palestine, from the tablelands of Kashmir to the villages of Cyprus, from the Korean peninsula to the streets of Belfast. When the Cold War ended, we were told to expect their dismantling. Instead, they are growing taller, more impenetrable, longer. They leap from one continent onto the next. They are globalising. From the West Bank to Kosovo, from the gated communities of Egypt to those of California, from the killing fields of old Ethiopia to the US-Mexico borders, a seamless-like wall is meandering across its way physically and emotionally. Its spectre is upon us.

Yanis Varoufakis